There Are No Small Prayers

This summer I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It has been a learning experience for sure. I have learned more about the power of prayer in these few months than I have my whole life. I have learned the importance and the privilege of lifting each other up in prayer. I have learned that God hears and acts on every request he hears and that no request is too great or too small for him.

I will admit when I first got sick, I wasn't too keen on asking for prayer. I worried too much about what people would think. I didn't think it was important enough. I didn't want to be that vulnerable. But I asked for prayer anyway. The response was overwhelming. I felt the power of those prayers. I spoke to a friend about it. He said he had a similar experience when his mother was ill. He could feel the prayers for himself and his family. There have been a few bad days during this whole thing. But there has never been a time that on one of those days that I have not received a text, or a call, or a card to lift me up. And it's not just me.

I have seen God move in nothing short of miraculous ways in the lives of others this summer. And it was because people prayed. Strangers prayed. Family prayed. Friends prayed. And God heard! Listen, you may be sitting there thinking your concern is not worth praying about. In a world full of suffering does God care about your problem? YES!!!! Listen, He is not up there doing some kind of spiritual triage. He's not taking care of all the cancer patients before he gets to your runny nose. I want you to get this down deep in your bones. I want you to believe this with everything you have. There is nothing about you that is insignificant to Him! He knows the number of hairs on your head! Do you really think there is anything about you that's trivial to Him? He cares if you stub your toe. He cares if you have gas in the car and if your light bill is paid. He cares that your hurt because your best friend is mad at you. He cares that your dog is sick. He cares if you pass Algebra. Are you getting this? Really getting this? There is NOTHING you can't come to Him with.

And here's another thing. Even though he can do all the things without any of our help, he enlists the Body of Christ to help pray. I have been paying a lot more attention to Facebook lately. There are a lot of opportunities to pray there. One of my pastors used to tell us to pray for others the way we pray for ourselves. In other words, understand that when someone requests prayer it is important to them and our prayers for them should reflect that. The other night someone had a toothache. I have had the misery of a toothache, and I understood the pain that girl was in. I prayed for her. No need to comment, I just prayed. I have prayed for those in the path of Florence. I have prayed for those that have lost a loved one. The needs are many. And we have the privilege of doing something about it.

This is one of the greatest purposes of the Body of Christ. We are to pray for each other. Encourage each other. Lift one another up. Don't be afraid to ask for prayer. God hears you, and He will move heaven and earth to answer you.