The Writer's Block

Beginning the first Monday in February, I'm starting a series called  The Writer's Block. My writer pals from all over the country will be sharing a little about their journey as writers. Notice I didn't say "authors." In my humble opinion, authors and writers are two different things. Stay with me a minute while I explain. 
Ernest Hemingway said it best. "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." For a true writer, there is almost a compulsion to get the words inside them out. A writer is filled with a universe of stories. They are stories of life, other worlds, other times. They are stories of the heart, from the heart, and by the heart. They are scribbled in notepads and journals. They are typed on old typewriters and brand new Macs. They are written on buses, in between classes, late at night after the rest of the world sleeps or early in the morning before the rest of the world wakens. The words are extensions of ourselves, crawling onto a piece of paper from the depths of our minds and souls. A writer has to write. 
All writers can choose to be authors, but not all authors are writers. For the most part, a writer writes for the sheer joy of it, for the pleasure of creation. Their works are for themselves, and those few people that they will share their words with. It is not for public consumption. 
An author is someone who writes with the intent of being read. So why are not all authors writers? It comes down to the soul. We have all read those books or essays. The grammar's correct. The sentence structure is perfect. The plot is understandable. But there is something missing. It feels more like a mathematical equation than a work of art. And maybe that's what it is. Someone decided X + Y= a big, fat book deal. They studied the trends, found a niche, and grinded out a best-seller. 
A writer that decides to become an author has a bit of a different approach. I would say most of us, if being honest, would say we would like to make the best-seller list, or at least be able to pay the light bill off our book earnings. But that is not the driving force. We want to share our stories, our worlds, our hearts with others. And as a reader, I can tell you which books have been written by authors and which have been written by writers. A writer will invite you into their world, offer you a cup of tea, and share their time with you. They write a book you don't want to end, a character you fall in love with, and a world you want to live in.
One of my writing "gurus" did a video about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. One of the commenters stated now that "the floodgates were open" everyone thought they were a writer. It offended him that when he would tell someone he wrote a book that would have a comeback of "my neighbor wrote a book, or my aunt wrote a book."  I think he was missing the point. As for me, I am thankful for the indie and small publishing house writers. Some of the best books I read last year weren't blockbusters or best-sellers. So, if you are a writer, then write! And if you want to share your story with the world, then jump in! The water is fine.