The Writer's Block: Jaime Parker Stickle

I am so excited to introduce my friend, Jaime Parker Stickle. She is releasing her first novel later this year and I can't wait to read it. Jaime is talking about something so many writers deal with: FEAR. She shares some brilliant insight on the subject and some great advice to slay that monster once and for all!



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Author Bio:
Jaime Parker Stickle is the neurotic, anxious, and downright panicky author of the
novel, The Habitation Game and the slice-of-life blog and podcast, Leave It To
Beebers. Since her foray into the working world at age nine, Jaime has spent years
observing, eavesdropping on, and gossiping about enough people to know first hand
that real life is truly stranger than fiction. Jaime has spent most of her career in
Hollywood, California as an actress, writer, and comedienne. On the corner of a
quiet, joyful street, Jaime lives with her husband, two rescue dogs, and two-year-old
maverick of a son- Jack Danger.
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A Fear To Soar - by Jaime Parker Stickle

Manifest it and it will be. Follow your dream. Pray. I did all three of these. I carefully wished every time the clock rolled to 11:11 (a.m. and p.m.); eyes shut tight, my lips silently mouthing my dream as I forcefully thought it in my head until my brain hurt, I wish to be a writer. I wished on stars; eyes wide open as I sang out loud, alone, Star light, Star bright, first Star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight: ‘I wish to be a bestselling author’ thank you, Star.

I prayed to the Gods (every one of them in every religion) and I prayed to the Universe, Please grant me this dream and I promise to give back to the world, anything and everything I have, Amen.

After manifesting, dreaming, wishing to be a writer I suddenly realized I was/am and have been the whole time – writing. Stories, novels, tales, jokes, scripts - I was doing it, I was writing (I am writing)…but I wasn’t doing anything with my writing.

I had been granted my wish, my dream had come true, my promise to the Universe would need to be cashed in and yet I was keeping it all to myself. Draft after draft after draft. I was convinced my work was not ready for an audience, for general consumption… I thought I’m not good enough.

Why? Fear.

Fear was blocking me from putting my words out into the public. In front of an audience: FEAR! Fear, man, it is a powerful weapon we use against ourselves.

So how did I let go of Fear?

Well, personally, I was tired of living behind a wall while so many others were succeeding in living out their dreams. I decided to get help for my anxiety, professional help, I changed my diet (believe it or not, a clear mind can come from clean eating) and I said “to hell with it,” and I just started writing my blog Leave It To Beebers. It’s a place for me to post my stories, short stories about my life that I didn’t have to censor or change to fit anyone’s rules or needs, but my own.

Just by taking that first step, writing every day and posting every week/month, I found strength. I called myself a Writer out loud, not just a writer by hobby, but by Title.

When we do something over and over and over we form a habit. By writing all the time and posting my work online I formed a good habit of giving my work over to an audience – doesn’t matter if the only people reading it were/are my family and friends – they count! YOU count! And maybe now you, or you, and yes even you may read my work. How exciting is that? It’s amazing and thrilling!

It’s one step in front of the other every day. You can take giant leaps if you want, or you can tiptoe, as long as you’re putting yourself out there as uncomfortable as it may be.

Let me tell you what’s happened since that day a year ago. The day I put my first post up. I finished my manuscript and even let Beta Readers read it. Next, it’s going to be published!!

I submitted a short story to a literary contest and took third place. My short story is being published from that competition. Adelaide Magazine.

I applied to graduate school for an MFA in Creative Writing and was accepted to my first choice school. WHAT!?!

My point is simple - YOU CAN. Take that chance and you will be rewarded! Want my help? Leave me a comment! Trust me, I believe in you! I want you to succeed, too. Take that first step. Whether you simply dip your toe in with a creative post on FB or Instagram, or you decide to hurtle yourself across the stars and publish a piece through Amazon – there are plenty of us out here who want to watch you soar to success!